Choices communicates with students through an edutainment motivational assembly that uses music, poetry, student participation, and a multi media presentation with colorful and powerful images that convey the message visually.

Choices is different from any other motivational assembly for students in that it actually entertains, motivates, and educates in an effective and understandable manner to the students. The assembly is ongoing and seeks to follow up its message with literature, audio, and counselor support. The program uses celebrities and up and coming acts as a way to grab the audience’s attention and keep them focused on the message of choices; develop a positive attitude about yourself, the process of education, and your ability to succeed in life.




What is Choices?

Choices Education Empowerment is a non profit edutainment company. We create and distribute content that helps people believe in themselves, dream big, set goals, create a workable plan and keep moving forward with a never quit attitude. Our mission To help people find creative ways to deal with life issues, work hard and believe in themselves. To assist students through arts and entertainment, with creative ways to deal with life issues like peer pressure and bullying. To also encourage everyone to work hard, to believe in themselves in order to be more successful in school and in life.

How: Mental and physical stimulation, utilizing their own creativity via the arts and physical fitness
Why: To assist with direction, true leadership, instruction and a creative outlet for self expression
What: School assembly, Youth Groups, Business Workshops, Blogs and Vlogs on Health, Nutrition, Motivation, Parenting, Fitness videos, Success Journals, Activity Books Subjects: ukan, tankhead, Attitude, Imagination, Work Ethic, Respect, Peer Pressure, Labeling, Bullying.