Actor - Musician - Entrepreneur - Philanthropist

Tank Jones is a creative force as an actor, musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder of the Choices Empowerment Program, co-founder of HP Entertainment and Executive Producer of The Latin Comedy Jam. Dubbed the "Intense Blackanesican Teddy Bear," Tank believes that his appreciation for multiple cultures serves him well as a black man, that speaks some Chinese and promotes Latin - Mexican events (Blackanesican). "I want to be able to communicate with the world," Tank explained to Access Hollywood. "My business partner and I want to bring the best talent in the Latin world to a market that is craving it big time."

As an actor, Tank has been a member of the Screen Actor's Guild since 1997. He has appeared in numerous commercials, endorsing detergent, beverages, burgers and more for name brand clients like Budweiser, Sonic, All Detergent and more. He has been cast in several feature films, including Warner Bros. projects Three Kings and Any Given Sunday. He has also been cast as a lead or supporting actor in several independent features that have all received global distribution. Some of these films include the award winning, The Controller, Alien Invasion, Wild Seven and the newly distributed Broken Hearts Club. In addition to commercials and film, Mr. Jones has also been cast for roles on hit television shows like Rules of Engagement, CSI: Miami and the hit cable show Breaking Bad.

In the music world, Tank has toured across the country as part of the hip hop duo, Twenty-Two and as the solo artist Nexxis. Tank had the privilege of working with icons like LL Cool J. Having been endorsed as an artist by retail giant Wal-Mart brought about endorsement agreements from global companies Pepsi and Budweiser. In addition, Tank was booked as a performer at the Miss USA Pageant and co-hosted the pre-show with former Miss USA Shauntey Hinton.

nspired by an event that took place at his high school, Tank founded the Choices Educational Empowerment program in 2003. The program was designed to motivate and inspire youth all over the country to work hard and give their best in all they do. The main message of the program is U-KAN! It starts with U and your belief in yourself to be successful in life. If U Know what you want in any given endeavor, have A plAn for its achievement and keep moving forward with a Never give up attitude, U-KAN! achieve anything you put your mind to.




Recently, the Choices program teamed up with New York Times bestselling author Sharon Lechter to teach financial literacy to high school students. Through the Thrive Time Challenge, Choices awards over $20,000 in scholarships annually. Also, Tank has received mentoring from business guru and co-creator of Six Sigma Mikel Harry. This mentoring inspired Tank to create The Success Journal. The Success Journal is a book/journal that helps individuals create a plan to go from where they are now to where they wish to be in a proven, yet simple way. Also, Tank created the Kid Fit by Tank program to help youth conquer obesity through the Choices program. The program features Tank's two daughters instructing youth on health and fitness; they are 7 and 8 years of age.

Tank worked with his business partner and good friend Mike Acquisto through their company HP Entertainment to bring The Latin Comedy Jam to the forefront of comedy. The Latin Comedy Jam features the funniest comedians in the Latin world, both established and up and coming. "The show features Latin comics, but the comedy is universal," explains Tank. The Latin Comedy Jam was voted the funniest comedy tour of 2012. 2013 is off to a fantastic start already as the tour has 42 confirmed dates already.

What is Choices?

Choices Education Empowerment is a non profit edutainment company. We create and distribute content that helps people believe in themselves, dream big, set goals, create a workable plan and keep moving forward with a never quit attitude. Our mission To help people find creative ways to deal with life issues, work hard and believe in themselves. To assist students through arts and entertainment, with creative ways to deal with life issues like peer pressure and bullying. To also encourage everyone to work hard, to believe in themselves in order to be more successful in school and in life.

How: Mental and physical stimulation, utilizing their own creativity via the arts and physical fitness
Why: To assist with direction, true leadership, instruction and a creative outlet for self expression
What: School assembly, Youth Groups, Business Workshops, Blogs and Vlogs on Health, Nutrition, Motivation, Parenting, Fitness videos, Success Journals, Activity Books Subjects: ukan, tankhead, Attitude, Imagination, Work Ethic, Respect, Peer Pressure, Labeling, Bullying.