“One of the best programs to present at this school.”
Kristy Kinsel, Teacher at Northwest High School

“It was good. Excellent! Schools are in need of more programs like this.”

Paul T Davis, Zuni Police

“I think it’s the most dynamic, motivational message that I’ve seen presented to young people.” Curtis Rosemond, Las Cruces Wal Mart Store Manager

“Nexxis (Tank), you were so great here at my school in Questa! You inspired me so much!”

Lynda A., Questa High School Student

“Great message and you grabbed the students attention from the start.!”

Brian Collier, Counselor at Atkinson Middle School

“Nexxis spent time with the students afterwards and this greatly impacted them.”

Wilma Smith, Principal at Mariposa Elementary

“You are doing the youth of our society a great deed, and through your work, you will be rewarded.”

Anna Miller, Teacher at Mariposa Elementary

“Students really need good role models who are gifted and interested in what they are into. I know you have no idea of the background history of some of the students you talk to and make feel special. There was one student you took a picture with who tried to commit suicide just after school started this year. I saw the student's face just light up when she stood next to you. Thank you for giving her something special to treasure. If you ever wonder if you are making a difference, I would say that you are.”






“I work with Character Education and this was great!”

Cindy Hilts, Administrator of Zuni Public Schools

I also want to tell you that Leo is a child that struggles a lot in school. A few days after your performance I gave him a journal prompt that asked him what his favorite day in his life was, and he wrote that the day you came and performed was his favorite day. So, thank you very much having such an impact on Leo!

oh wow Happy New Years to you to this is a real trip cuz i didnt expect to get anything from you but thanks alot for emailing me. and i will check out this website that you gave. Thank you for coming by our town and inspiring all of whom you talked to we think of it as a great deal cuz we hardly get people such as your self to come and talk to us we all really appreciate it. again thank you and laters

Hello you just came to my school on the 23rd of November 2004. You got me thinking that just because i am from a small town I can become a plus size/ actress that I know I can become.

Sincerly yours Eve W


Nexxis (tank) Hey guy you were so great here at my school in Questa! You inspired me so much! I hope you like the way I recorded your show! Thanks for giving that talent show thing it was great! IM glad I had the guts to go and dance! LOL Congratulations on everything you have succeeded in!!! I hope one day I can do something like you! Maybe i'll see you in Española!! Your a great guy !! I thank you and your sister very much for everything and especially thanks for the Cd and The poster!! W/B soon!! LEts keep in touch! Keep safe on the road and thanks for driving through terrible weather just to give us the great advice!!
YOur Friend

Hey there NEXXIS,
I Just wanted to say that your an awesome motivational speaker and a great dancer i might add. I just wanted to say thank you for coming to our school. We all thought you were going to be boring like our previous speaker but thats before the lights went out, music came on, and out you came. It was AWESOME!! I loved it!! THANK YOU!! hope you had a merry christmas and a happy new year!!
Always A FAN


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